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Each year thousands of women become victims of domestic violence. Approximately five million women are physically assaulted or raped each year, while domestic violence leads to other dangerous situations such as stalking.* In New Jersey, Camden County has the highest number of reported domestic violence offenses in the entire state.**  The statistics are frightening. Violence against women spans all economic, racial, religious, and age divides.

Domestic violence victims often need services that go beyond counseling, treatment, and/or advocacy related to the trauma they’ve experienced. Survivors tend to need assistance with emergency housing, transportation, employment services, child care, health insurance, legal representation, immigration/citizenship services, home energy assistance, substance use disorder, and/or mental health treatment – to name a few examples – in order to stabilize their living situation and empower themselves towards self-sufficiency.

For years, the Hispanic Family Center has been providing bilingual, domestic violence advocacy and counseling services to victims of domestic violence through its Proyecto Apoyo (Project Support) program. Since its inception, Proyecto Apoyo has increased awareness of domestic violence, its prevalence, nature and impact; providing avenues for victims and their children to seek assistance, and provide “wrap-around”resources that promote dignity, empower, and encourage self-sufficiency.

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