Joseph's House of Camdebn


Are you homeless and looking for help? Come in for an Intake and Assessment: 


Monday-Friday ONLY

An interview will be conducted to determine if we can offer you a shelter bed. 

Capacity: 75 adult women and men ages 18 and up

Days and Hours: Joseph’s House is an overnight shelter open 7 days a week from 8:15 PM to 7:30 AM


·      Overnight shelter with cots

·      Dinner and breakfast

·      Access to shower, laundry and toilet facilities

·      Emergency clothing and personal hygiene products

·      Case Management services (night and day)

Referrals: No referrals are required

Fees: There are no fees for service

Please contact Ernest Lindsey, Intake Supervisor, with any questions.

Phone: 856-246-1087 Ext. 211


Available Program Slots:

Program City:

Camden City

Program Phone:

Program Email:

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