About Us

The Camden County Covenant for Children, Youth and Families was established by Camden County, NJ; Freeholder Director Louis Capelli in response to a KIDS COUNT Report issued by the Advocates for Children of New Jersey (ACNJ), citing areas of challenge to the well being of children and families in Camden County.
Freeholder Director Capelli asked Freeholder Carmen Rodriguez to lead a mobilization of community partners to improve outcomes for the children, youth and families of Camden County. Consequently Camden Mayor Dana Redd joined the effort as co-chair with Freeholder Rodriguez, and the Community Planning and Advocacy Council (CPAC) was designated as the convening partner to plan and manage Covenant activities.

The Covenant is built around a Bill of Rights for the Children of Camden County, developed by youth and families in Camden, and strives to achieve its mission:
to mobilize the greater Camden County community to advance child, youth, and family well-being through planned and intentional collaboration and concrete actions and outcomes.

Bill of Rights for All Children and Youth of Camden County

  • The right to safe homes, schools, neighborhoods, and communities
  • The right to a permanent home and knowledgeable, nurturing, and responsible parents, caregivers and family members
  • The right to dignity, respect, and freedom from discrimination
  • The right to participate and be heard in decisions that affect their well-being
  • The right to age and developmentally appropriate care, guidance, education, and preparation for employment
  • The right to clean air and water
  • The right to learn and celebrate racial, cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity
  • The right to meaningful, spiritual, cultural, and recreational experiences
  • The right to affordable, accessible, and quality physical and behavioral healthcare
  • The right to quality relationships, community connections, and affordable services and resources

The Covenant supports successful journeys for children and families in becoming successful, and the stages that families move through on this journey, and their accompanying goals:

  • Early Childhood Success – (0-8 years) All young children will be safe, healthy, and ready to learn.
  • Positive Youth Development – (9-15 years) All school-age children and youth will be living in a permanent home,
    achieving in school, and connected to their communities.
  • Strong Transitions to Adulthood – (16-26 years) Youth transitioning to adulthood will be on positive pathways to economic independence with strong and responsible family and community relationships.

The Covenant also identifies four key pillars to support family success:

  • Family Relationships and Community Connections
  • Personal Safety and Financial Security
  • Learning and Education
  • Health and Well-being
Who We Are

Community Planning & Advocacy Council

CPAC is a non-profit agency, that is a catalyst in greater Camden County for creating community solutions to address social, health, and mental health wants and needs. CPAC advocates and actively promotes individual, family, and community empowerment and organizational capacity building. CPAC works with government and public officials to positively impact public policy.

Camden County Covenant for Children, Youth, and Families

The Vision of the Camden County Covenant for Children, Youth, and Families is that all children, youth and families in Camden County

Camden County Partnership for Children

Camden County Partnership for Children is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing services to children and families in Camden County, NJ. We work with children and families who are facing behavioral, developmental, and mental health challenges. We partner with children and their families/caregivers to create solutions for the desired changes in their lives. We are advocates for families to build and coordinate a network of care for their children by partnering with providers within the community.

Please visit our website for more information:


Camden County Family Support Organization

The Camden County Family Support Organization is to assist families with children who have behavioral, emotional or intellectual Disabilities challenges in the Children’s System of Care. We will ensure that the family voice is heard in all planning, coordination and delivery of services. As parents who have experienced these issues with our own children, we will work with families by providing face to face support, offer appropriate education and promote self Advocacy.

“We ensure that the family voice is heard”

The State of New Jersey Office of Attorney General

Department of Law and Public Safety

Supporting Youth in Their Communities: Fostering Collaboration and a Network of Support For New Jersey Youth Award Program :

Collaborative Partners for Camden County Youth Network include:

Camden County

Camden City

Community Planning & Advocacy Council

Center for Family Services - Family Crisis Intervention Unit - Family Links

Genesis Counseling Centers

Teem Gateway YE2S Center - Camden City

Hopework's N' Camden